Single player, persistent world role-playing game (RPG)

    Play the Dogma role-playing game, an online single player, persistent world "old school" RPG where it's just you, the dungeon master (DM) and your imagination!


    Role-play with an online fictional dungeon master (DM)

    Interact with the "dungeon master" (DM) like a pencil-and-paper RPG, choose specific options and role-play through a continuing series of epic quests!

Note: While you can still play this initial Dogma RPG episode, the project has been abandoned in order to develop a full RPG experience. 

Browse InfiniQuests.com and play a full-featured text-based RPG instead!

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The Dogma role-playing game (RPG) is a single player, persistent world experience where you play a hero and interact with a fictional dungeon master - Learn More